The Earth is under attack from the invading alien war machine! Take control of the Solar Blaster fighter ship and strike back!

Solar Blaster: Challenge Stage is an action packed space shooter where you’ve got 2 minutes to get the high score. Destroy as many enemy waves as you can within the time limit, collect power ups like rapid fire and spread shot and cause massive destruction with your 3 super bombs.

This game is based on the 2 minute ‘caravan’ shooter format from classic PC Engine games.

Take up the challenge and go for the high score!

Endless Attack mode is also now available! This mode removes the time limit and allows you to play the game for as long as you can survive. Try it for a fun alternative to the standard 2 minute challenge. Switch between Challenge Stage mode and Endless Attack mode on the title screen.

Play the game in your browser above or download the zip folder containing stand alone versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. The stand alone versions support high score save and can also be played with controllers.

Keyboard controls:

Arrow keys - move your ship

Z - fire (hold for auto fire)

X - super bomb


Game made by GS

Created with Pico-8

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Arcade, caravan, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Score Attack, Shoot 'Em Up, Space, stg
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Download 6 MB

Development log


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This was a lot of fun! Just needs some music and it would be a classic!

Thanks! I experimented with adding music when I made the game but never got it sounding right so I preferred to have no music instead of having bad music!

Hey. I like this game. I'm the creator of Laser Rage. I'd like to know if you would be open to collaborating?  

Hi, I'm glad you like the game. I'm currently busy with my own stuff so I don't have time for collaborating but thanks for the offer!

A style of play that I love.

Spaceship shooting games.

That retro look that looks great

Thanks very much!

Fun game! Here's my newest high score:   Hitting those UFOs is important...

That's a good score! Thanks for posting it and I'm glad you like the game. You're right about the UFO's too, they're key to getting high scores. 

For anyone reading this who doesn't know the trick to the UFO's here's how it works:

Shoot a UFO and the points for the next one will be doubled, up to a set maximum. If a UFO passes the side of the screen without you shooting it, the points for the next UFO will reset to the base amount. So keep shooting the UFO's and not letting them go past the side of the screen and your score can build up very quickly!

Quite fun! I do feel like it could use some music, though.

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Thanks, I need a bit more practice at making music on Pico-8 but it would be good to to have music at some point!

Hi there GS.Games! I have finally made it up and played your game and here is below the gameplay review video for Solar Blaster! I hope this can boost your game page as well gives you some positives motives. It will be great if you subscribed to my YouTube channel, as it really helps me and motivate me to do more of these reviews. Here are some notes as well!

  • The starting of the game shows some important notes about power-ups and enemies! But it goes away so fast! I was hoping to be able to get back to it to take a look at it, as it might help to let the player focus on certain enemies to get the best score.
  • The game is so engaging and good! I had a fun time to try to get the high score!
  • I like how much simple and energetic this game is! I would want to see more levels for sure!

I managed to get 14480 as my highest score in the game! I hope to see this game does well in the future.


Hi Zakaria, thanks so much for choosing my game for your latest video! I thought it was really great and it was a lot of fun to watch! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and it was great that you showed both game modes too. I enjoyed seeing you improve on each attempt at the game, and I'm glad you got to try all the different power ups. 

The text intro screens explaining the power ups and controls do kind of go by a bit quickly, but they will cycle around again if you don't press any keys. If I do any more updates to the game I'd probably adjust the speed of this but otherwise I'm happy with the game as it is at the moment. The Endless Attack mode was added in the version 1.1 update because people enjoyed the game and wanted to be able to play it for longer than 2 minutes, I've been really pleased and surprised by the positive reaction the game has had so far - and it's great seeing people like you finding the game now and enjoying it!

I hope your video gets a lot of views and that it helps to boost your channel as well. I gave you a like and a comment on the video and subscribed too!

Fantastic! Love space shooter games =D I did my best even though my best is questionable haha. Left a follow and keep up the amazing work!!!

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked the game and thanks for taking the time to make the video, it was really fun to watch! It's really cool to be able to see someone playing the game and reacting to it and having fun, I don't usually get to see that so this was great!I liked the interruption from your dog too! I hope you get lots of views and thanks for choosing my game to play out of all those that were suggested in your thread on the forum, I really appreciate it!

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Solar Blaster: Challenge Stage has been available for a while now and I hope everyone is enjoying it. For anyone interested I thought I would post my current high score - 29820 with 25 waves cleared - can anyone beat it?

It's just awesome ! Fantastic design and gameplay ! This really deserves much more play time and much more ennemies !!! Well done !

Thanks very much! I'm really glad you like Solar Blaster and if you get a really good high score, post it here! Thanks for the support, I'm really pleased to see that the game is being played and enjoyed!

This is a very good game. THank you for making it ?

I had a very low highscore. I should try again after my cofee :P

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Thanks, glad you are enjoying it! If you get a good score, post it here and maybe everyone can see if they can beat it!

Great game.

Thanks for playing the game and the video is great! You did pretty well against the aliens! Thanks for showing all the different power ups too. I really appreciate the support and I hope you get lots of views!